It is the area of ​​the Dental Medicine that treats the consequences of the caries in the dental structure and proceeds to the reconstruction of the compromised tooth.


Dental caries is the most frequent oral pathology. It consists of the destruction of the dental structure caused by bacterial plaque. These bacteria produce acids that destroy tooth enamel. Acids are the result of the fermentation of foods rich in carbohydrates (sweets, bread, pasta, fruits, etc.).


Bacterial plaque -> Acids -> Enamel demineralization -> Dental cavity (caries)


When caries only compromises the enamel and dentin, it is treated by eliminating the damaged dental structure and reconstructing (restoring) the tooth using the appropriate products. Currently the most commonly used materials are the white composites that perfectly simulate dental enamel. Restorations are the most routine office procedures. With them we treat the cavities of the teeth and return the lost anatomy. If the caries goes deeper, reaching the tooth pulp (tooth nerve), it is necessary to proceed to the endodontia (devitalization) of the tooth.


Can I open bottles and crack nuts or the shoe rack with my teeth?

No. Performing these feats proves nothing but one thing: that the teeth are breakable. Trauma to harder food can create a micro-fracture of the teeth. Many times we do not realize as soon as the tooth fractured and later, at any time, the dental fragment is released that we no longer relate to the previous trauma.