Oral Health Consultation

Good oral hygiene reflects good general health. Diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease can condition food chewing, speech, pain or bad breath.


It has been proven that oral problems negatively affect our heart, diabetes and diseases such as arthritis.

Our Oral Hygiene consultation has as main objective the prevention of oral diseases (dental caries and periodontal disease) and the maintenance of dental treatments already done.


It is also intended to educate and promote oral hygiene habits, appropriate to each patient, taking into account their specific needs.


With the consultation of Oral Hygiene we intend:

– Remove tartar and stains from the teeth contributing to a good gingival health and pleasant esthetics;

– Perform oral hygiene maintenance on treatments already performed (dental implants, bridges, crowns, orthodontic appliances, tooth whitening, ..)

– Teach techniques adapted to the specific needs of each patient;

– Screening of oral diseases and identifying situations that require referral to the Dentist;


The consultations should be carried out according to the needs of each patient, being the periodicity in a normal situation every 6 months.


Do not forget: prevention is the most effective way to reduce the need for costly and invasive future treatments.


We want to help you have a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime!